Elon Musk recently announced he is building a city around his SpaceX Boca Chica rocket launch site in Cameron county, Texas.

The second richest man who is known for his disruptive tweets posted on twitter "creating the city of Starbase , Texas ."

This shouldn't be a surprise to many followers of his outer space projects especially minding the recent successful landing of Perseverance on the martian planet which is a great feat to have been attained after 7 months of journeying.

The CEO in another tweet further hinted “From thence to Mars. And hence the Stars ” 

This city upon completion would be the bus station for travellers trying to get to Mars and would no doubt be one of the most sophisticated in terms of technological innovations to meet the exquisite needs required to create a balance between the outer space and earth's environmental circumstances for such travellers.

For a proof, a judge in the Cameron county had actually confirmed that the authorities has been informed of this plan announced by Musk.

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