Richard Lloyd, the leader of Google You Owe Us (GYOU) campaign has sued Google over a data breach in which over 4.5 million iphone users in the UK may have fallen victim.

According to reports by LADBible, Google had between June 2011 and February 2012 ‘breached data protection laws by bypassing privacy settings in Safari on iPhones, which allowed an algorithm to ‘trick’ iPhones into handing over users’ personal data.’

The lawsuit is expected not to be an easy one considering the parties and the volume of users who may have been affected. The first appearance in the English Supreme court was made on the 28th of April despite the fact that the High court once striked the case out claiming it would be difficult to estimate exactly how many people has been affected.

Some of the illegally mined data includes race, age and sexuality of which Google also sold to advertisers to make targeted ads. In fact, users who had third party cookies blocked on their Safari browsers were also illegally accessed by Google in the data breach.

To know if you will be compensated upon the success of the legal proceeding, you obviously must have owned or/and used an iphone legally between June 2011 and February 2012. However, there are other essential questions you have to be able to answer with proofs. A questionnaire is available on the campaign website that would further guide you and update you on the legal proceeding.

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