Is AI here to take your Job? Here’s Exactly how to secure your career.

Oftentimes, AI is typically depicted as an alien. That will predate on your job. And upend our way of life. Hence we consider AI as a big threat to our careers. Nonetheless, the fact remains and its getting obvious. That the fourth industrial revolution is on us.  AI is cheaper and highly productive than we are. It can work both day and night without breaks. It doesn’t get sick nor go on vacation. And employers wouldn’t incur health insurance or retirement costs.

In business, AI will enhance efficiency and boost yields. Since, it could work around the clock and its faster than human. That is, it can rapidly scale through the levels human won’t simply attain. However, the cutting edge is that AI doesn’t make mistakes.

All these have compounded our fears and anxiety. As we all envisage the future of occupational framework. So, with the rapid evolution and economic transformation. There are perceptions of impending loss of jobs. And complicated doom of mass unemployment predictions. Hence it seems your place is no longer guaranteed in the workspace.

So, it will be quite unfortunate to be a victim of the global evolution. Or be on the receiving end of it negative impact. However, I wouldn’t want you to fall for all those weird claims. For, there’s always a way out. As there are paths you can take. To navigate through the coming age and outsmart AI.

With the recent rate of investments in technology. Including Artificial Intelligence and automation. AI could increase job quota by 20 million - 50 million. At least on a global scale by 2030 according to McKinsey. So, kindly stay abreast of job loss. For AI has come to create more jobs. And not to predate on your job as you think.

Henceforth, people won’t lose their jobs outright. But rather will switch occupation. By diving into upskilling and taking advantage over AI. Hence master over the art. And navigate by pitching tents into that era. Please swerve off the fear and forge into the next normal.

In addition, note that AI will increase tech skills demands. For many AI-Specific jobs will be created. As skills that are in high demand will increasingly be demanded through 2029. Hence, Job titles such as system software developer, computer system analyst. As well as software application developer and computer user support specialist. Will become prevalent, and will be positions employers will look out. To fill more and more in the coming decades.

Also, firms will be on the incessant search for promising talents. Ph.D. level scientists who wouldn’t just build company’s products. But could conduct research to craft and invent product enhancements. In fact, AI researcher is currently a lucrative job in the U.S. As researchers earns in seven figures. While fresh minds earn hundreds of thousands per annum.

All of this is to say there is hope. Likewise, there is time. So, note that it has not come to displace you. Or make livelihood tougher. For there are many opportunities looming in the coming era. All you’ve got to do is; develop yourself. Craft a personal pitch in the AI age to ensure relevance. And prevent being displaced by hardware and software. But, rather take charge of the evolving age.