Picharge New year facelifts

Picharge welcomes you into another year. We can never be less grateful to all our customers. For your immense contribution to Picharge’s growth. Your impacts can never fade off our 2021 stories. They still linger on our minds. We understand the nostalgic feelings you all had last year. It's obvious we successfully induced a series of positive vibes. On quite a number of our customers in 2021. As to how well we were able to serve you all. We belief you've enjoyed all-around satisfaction, be it customer interactions, customer impacts, and customer experiences.

At Picharge we’re driven by holistic excellence in all our dealings. We’d love to make everyone happy because Picharge ethos resonates around empathy. Hence many people often wish they'd transacted with us earlier than they did. This is a feeling our customers find difficult to do away with. However, we’re ethical in our approach. This is why we had an increase in staff range. To ensure you enjoyed effective services and quality deliveries.


Our commitments Emphasis


However, come 2022 never expect less from us. Picharge is aimed at serving you better. And be sure we’re gonna do that really well. Expect us to meet your needs much faster. For we are never ignorant of the accelerated digital age. Now that our people have become more digital natives. Convenience, quick deliveries, and trust must be ascertained. Hence we are improving on all sides to beat the rave of the moment.



2022 Picharge Facelifts


Kindly look forward to a more robust relationship with us. We are going to be keen on every bit of our interactions with you. Our relationship with you is very vital. So expect more than charging cables. We want to show how much we care for you. Just like the metaverse, our brand is diving into the societal shift. In order to make more impacts. Remember empathy is our driving force.

So it's time to win over the tide this year and beyond.  Picharge is a brand that wants to scale customers to partners and not just buyers. We want to keep consumers in the loop on why cordiality is needed. And build memorable and personalized experiences. That are direct returns on their attention.

Also, our retailers are now at the center of our plans. It's obvious they're a prime means of reaching some end users. We’ll improve every bit of their processes as we look to spread wider. Picharge will give retailers a strong sense of engagement and belonging. There will be opportunities to grow retailers into an empowered workforce. This will enable them to take control of more of the market spheres. With a more productive approach. Hence we are building a vast global reputation. So that our brand name will be enough platform to drive them more sales.

These are many more facelifts you should look out for. From us at Picharge this year. More creative approaches are on the way. As new innovations come to you from Picharge. We’re a perfect reflection of our claims, we're never a shadow of our values.

For this reason, we keep reiterating these:

Picharge Values:

  1. We are Empathetic
  2. Picharge builds Friendly communities
  3. We are Ethical and do things right
  4. Picharge Take ownership and find creative ways to Resolve Issues
  5. Picharge cares about Quality in Everything
  6. We are Persistent and Follow-up

With love from Picharge we're saying Happy New Year!!!