Google has been running a platform that allows android users sync their device screen onto their car screen so that certain control functions could be accessed while driving. This whole function is made possible by the Android Auto app.

Android Auto was introduced in 2015 as an android app that mirrors features of an android device on a car's dashboard information and entertainment system. It has since introduced several updates that come with more and modern functionalities. Although initially available in 36 countries in Europe, Indonesia and more, it has in April expanded to Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Sweden.

The whole system works when an Android device running the app is connected via USB to a car whose build supports the feature, this gives the dashboard access to display functionalities as commanded by the user via the app. However, it is now possible to make an android device running the app as the dashboard screen unit for cars whose build does not support the pairing process. Here, the same functionalities are accessed using the app on a phone.

The major highlight of Android auto is allowing users to mirror some apps to the car display including GPS and navigation, music playback, SMS, telephone and web search. Also, handsfree command is enabled using the app. 

The latest update of the app - v6.4 which was introduced recently embodies an improved troubleshooting function. Before the update, there's the common issue of bad connections due to bad USB cables used in connecting the Android device to the entertainment system.  Here is one of the many reasons you need a Picharge cable so as to ensure your peace of mind in maintaining an optimal system such as this. The troubleshooting function helps identify problems with the system and recommend a solution.

In order to download the app, you have to be in an eligible country after which you'll have access to download it on the playstore.

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