It has been reported that Google has recently asked Samsung Display, the screen technology arm of Samsung Electronics to provide it some foldable screen with specifications very similar to that on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

In a report by 9to5google last august, an internal document revealed the foldable device was under the label 'Q4 2021' and named 'Passport' which suggests how close this device is to being commercial. 

However, it was also expressed that not all devices that are being prototyped eventually makes it to the market which is logical. 

The request by Google to Samsung hasn't actually confirmed it's commercial viability but how serious Google is about this project. Also, a match of the time-code label 'Q4 2021' to the request time to Samsung at this time may also be an indication that Google is really serious about bringing this to the market by late 2021.

Conclusively, speculations also have it that other brands like Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo are coming to market really soon with a foldable hence may soon be a highly competitive niche of the market.

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