Google has recently launched an app on its digital well-being platform that would reduce on-road phone usage attributable accidents.

The digital well-being app is a service provided on some Android phones that helps manage phone usage like time spent on specific apps or even reduce rest-cheating through its bedtime mode.

Although there has been a clue as to the creation of this feature by XDA developers since November last year before its recent release, it seems Google has really taken its time to work on the feature which would be practicable for everyday use by city dwellers most especially.

The Heads up feature works through a notification pop-up in which the phone user is reminded to pay attention to surroundings. Google has expressly stated that it should be used with caution as it doesn't replace paying attention, once again bringing into purview the expectation gap in which users may get over dependent on it.

Pop up messages such as "watch your step", "look up" and "stay alert"are some of the instructions that are obtainable using the feature.

Currently, the Heads-up feature is only available to pixel users who are registered for the digital well-being beta. However interested pixel users could join the beta by heading to the app listing on the Play store, tap 'join beta' after which enrolment takes place.

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