An upstart company, founded by Nirav Patel, the co-founder of Oculus VR has announced plans to start shipping custom built laptop based on customers matching specifications this summer. The laptop is called The Framework.

The Framework will be made in such a way that future development in processors wouldn't cause you to throw out your laptop and start trying to get a new one to serve, instead all you need to do is procure the processor itself then work it into the laptop using a screwdriver that would be provided in every laptop pack. This puts perpetual upgrade power in the hands of the consumer.

The Framework would be an aluminum housed, 13.5" screened laptop that is as thin as the MacBook Pro M1 and would feature a 60fps 1080p webcam with hardware privacy switch. It would consist a configurable 11th Gen Intel processor with 4TB or more Gen4 NVMe storage and up to 64gb DDR4 RAM. It comes with an expansion card system that helps you choose only ports that you'll need.

There would also be a DIY edition that infacts gives the owner more customization power like running the Linux OS.

This is expected to cause a wave in the industry as you now have more control over the value you get for your money even though exact release date hasn't been disclosed.

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