Last week, we got listed as one of the Mobile Device Startups to look out for in 2021 by The Startup Pill.

This came in recognition of our quest and passion to help the world save some precious time in charging their devices.

We wholeheartedly agree we should be watched out for because we are going to be offering more people our Fast charging joy in various geographical locations around the world with a boost, given our combined experiences.

Our cable, made of military grade materials, would hardly bend, snap, peel or break. By the way, you may need to go on our instagram page to see how easy it's going to lift a filled 50 liter keg (approximately 130 pounds/60kg) and even many more weighty objects.

We at Picharge have been able to sell thousands of fast charging cables since the past few years we've started this journey. We have also been able to build our brand very much around our customers. We not only sell, we see that you are getting the best out of your Picharge cable by our continued after sales service.

Sounds cool isn't it? Well read on...

Hey there,

No one wants a charger that takes forever to charge and breaks at a stretch. Exactly the solution Picharge brings. Fills in 45min, takes forever to break.

Click here to seek a fast charging joy.

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