The Brazilian consumer protection regulator, Procon-SP has slammed Apple with a whooping 1.2 million dollars fine over charges that include refusal to include chargers in the iPhone 12 series box and refusal to repair it's water resistant iPhones.

Apple shocked consumers on the release of the iPhone 12 family when it was noticed that the boxes would not contain charging adapters while buttressing that users already have it's charger hence no need for extras. It claimed this decision will reduce carbon emissions and mining of rare earth metals. The consumer protection regulator, not satisfied with Apple's reason for excluding the chargers warned that this action was against the consumer laws of the nation and if not adhered to may cause Apple to lose its about 153.8 million consumer base in Brazil when it's product is eventually disallowed from entering the Brazilian market.

Consumers also reported that Apple refused to repair their water resistant iPhones which had suffered water damage while still under warranty period. These cases against Apple have led to a total fine of $1.92 million, an amount that makes up 0.0007% of its 2020 financial year ended revenue.

The agency likewise accused Apple of intentionally slowing down the performance of older iPhones through its iOS updates so that their users can ditch them for the latest models 

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