The Apple watch began selling in 2015 and was able to sell about 10 million units. This in itself is a strong Indication of the potentials of the smart wristwatch market.

According to statistics made available by Above Avalon, Apple reached an excess of 100 million units sales of it's smart wristwatch upon shipping 30 million units in 2020. 

The pandemic has seen people stay glued to their homes, it is also not a mistake to say that as a result of this, unhealthy habits or lifestyles could have been developed that would if not checked, pose threats to people's fitness. A huge spike in sales of fitness equipment companies like Peloton, which had about 100% increase in sales in 2020 also suggests how much people wants to avoid the effects of an unfit lifestyle. Devices like the Apple watch has trackers that could tell how much a user has worked out and this it does all the time it's on the wrist hence giving a more reliable and accurate information that could aid diagnosis to some extent.

Research works recently postulated by Mount Sinai Health System expresses that the Apple and fitbit smartwatches may be able to predict a user has the coronavirus even before being symptomatic.

This is one of the heights of technological innovations people would keep watching out for.

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