Do you know why your Phone's Battery is still weak?

Have you ever wondered why your mobile phones develop battery faults?

Mobile phones are Inevitable possessions. They are like lubricants that oil our daily activities. Therefore, making it easier for business transactions and Information dissemination. Imagine what your day will look like, with no access to your Twitter, email, and Instagram account. 

Imagine that feeling of not updating your WhatsApp status, or checking Instagram posts. Having no clue about what's trending on Twitter could be very painful. Boring! isn't it?

Now, diving into an era of smart technology. When much skilled labor has embraced the work from home system. The phone is an integral part of the remote work system and has become quite indispensable. Having a bad battery life could be very dangerous in such an era as this.

However, these Mobile phones, as important as they are, tend to give us headaches at crucial moments. Especially when they develop battery faults, it's quite frustrating and disappointing. But do you know that most of the time this phone develops faults? It's usually a result of our nonchalant gestures. Towards the internal well-being of our mobile phones. A Lot of people prefer a nice-looking phone with a beautiful pouch too. 

You may be a nitty-gritty kind. Who takes proper care of every one of your accessories. Yet, you still fall victim to a bad battery experience. As a 5000mAh phone doesn’t seem to have much power value. And works as though it was a 3000mAh device. You spend hours charging but only enjoy your device for a little moment. Hence you’ve become a power bank companion. This isn’t funny quite alright? But I'm sure it’s not a near nasty experience.

However, it's not your fault nor is it your battery’s fault. The culprit has always been the cable. Oftentimes you discover nothing is wrong with your charger adapter. Yet, the charging is obviously slow and if it’s fast it wouldn’t last. Why? Because only good cables strengthen the Phone’s battery. 

Charging cables are as important as your charger adapter. It’s obvious that most people pay little attention to the viability of their cable. The focal point has always been the big robust charger’s head. One salient fact is that it demands a bit of expertise to detect a failed cable. For it could still keep charging your battery, but it’s already out of state.

The implication of this is that, as long as you use such a cable. Your phone’s battery power value reduces. Hence your battery becomes weak. This is the reason why a 5000mAh battery struggles to work like 3000mAh. That’s such drastic degradation. I repeat! “The culprit has always been your cable” 

Now, how do you break loose off this culprit? It's much easier than you think. Picharge however offers the best kind of cable you can find. This cable is made of military-grade material. It’s very strong and sturdy, so it does not break. Hence, no fear of having a wire stride cut within the cable. For it doesn’t stretch or bend.  

Most importantly, this cable safeguards your battery. By preventing your phone from overcharging. This is a very significant role because overcharging is the inception of having a weak battery. In fact, it’s the primary reason why people experience a short battery life span.

So you only have to spend 30 minutes to charge and your battery is full. Yeah! 30 minutes…it’s not vague. That's the fastest rate ever recorded in the world. Therefore you don’t have to wait overnight to have a fully charged phone. You spend less time charging and more time having fun with your gadget.


Picharge cable doesn't fail, and if it stopped working you have a 13 months warranty backup. Which means your cable will be replaced without paying a penny. This is a cable that rough handlers have been using for years. It is not just a fast’s nothing but a battery enhancement.

Choose Picharge cable and enjoy the best of Fast charge technology.

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