Intel had recently started throwing out some ads telling viewers about what a M1 Mac can't do.

The latest series of Apple macbook runs on the M1 chip produced by Apple itself. This has helped the M1 mac with some good battery efficiency which appeals to a large percentage of users. Although, Apple still has some of it's MacBooks running on intel processors but this is expected to be stopped by 2022.

To set the records straight, the M1 is a system-on-chip (SoC) while Intel is a processor. This means the M1 has been able to incorporate a lot of other components into a single chip while the intel requires various other components to work as a system.

One of the ad says "If you can power a rocket launch and launch Rocket League, you're not on a Mac. Go PC."

Rocket league is a game that was discontinued for macOS last year due to an upgrade in technology and the fact that macOS and Linux users only makes up 0.3% of their active player base. Intel could be suggesting through this ad campaign that macOS users may be missing out on the gaming/heavy duty abilities of a PC over a M1 mac.

Other ads with the same aim of informing viewers about the disadvantages of the M1 unlike Intel could be found on Intel's twitter page in which one of such post is backlinked to a YouTube video also pursuing the same aim.

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