Microsoft Launched Windows 11– Top Tips to get closer to what you love.

It has happened again! Microsoft released Windows 11, a new version of its operating system. A modification that'll eventually submerge the Windows 10 – most of us have got used to. It’s obvious we’re in the era of distance and disorganization. As communication and interaction aren’t always simple and direct. You’ve probably had to create workarounds or discover current ways to get things done. Yeah! The choice is yours. However, at the center of these, are what Windows 11 strives to solve.

Windows 11 seems like an attempt to simplify everything, and it introduces several excellent and interesting features. Remember the big deal when Microsoft released a new operating system; The “start menu”. Once again, this is a part of the apparent changes. As you now have the start menu at the middle of the screen. While the tiles introduced in Windows 8 have been replaced with simple icons.

Likewise, it brought a bunch of amazing capabilities, software appearance, ability to install and run android apps on PC and overhaul gaming experience, etc. Microsoft has introduced an Auto HDR feature designed to enhance older games and make the graphics more vivid and vibrant. Ultimately, it has advanced security tools, that’ll reduce your risks of breaches, data infidelity, viruses, malware, and ransomware. Windows 11 offers more discrete security; you’ll want to ensure every device in your office runs Microsoft’s latest OS security tools.

Obviously, this sounds quite interesting. And you would wonder if it will be easy, to successfully navigate through these features. Since, the user experience was completely reimagined out of a simplified, clean fluid design that is new but quite familiar. Kudos! to have read to this point, for you are no way far from the powerful tips. That'll help you make the most of Windows 11.

The Windows 11 Get Started app Backup.

Great news if you'd love the convenience of porting your PC's preference to windows 11. Once you've enabled Windows to back up your apps, Get Started will prompt the list of old apps. Then, you'll select the ones to load on your PC. Hence, no need to start over completely, Windows 11 will safely restore all your photos, docs, and files. So, no more fear of data loss, Microsoft now got you covered.

The Windows 11 Start and Taskbar

Now, you'll find Start and Taskbar front and center. So, you could get things done with fewer clicks and swipes. Searching for anything is possible as a centralized search channel your search via the web and PC. It's a streamlined redesign that resonates around you. There are new visual elements, soft sounds, cool animations, new buttons, fonts, and toggles. The new layout and navigation make complex tasks easier.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800"]Windows 11: This is the new centered Start menu and Taskbar UI | Windows Central Credit-Windows central[/caption]

Touch, Voice, and Pen Typing.

This is a special feature you'll want to enjoy. The digital pen, touchscreen, and voice typing features allow you to work the way you prefer. That is, you may work best talking out your thought. Once your PC has a microphone, the process occurs instantly, with voice typing – text transcription of your words. Interestingly, It can also detect inflection and rhythm to add the appropriate punctuations. With a digital pen, you can make pdf annotations while touchscreen enables multi-finger gestures for swift navigations.

Windows 11 OneDrive.

Windows 11 offers 5GB cloud storage for a free Microsoft account signup. And if you purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription you'll have 1 TB of cloud storage. Of course, you can't buy memories but you can protect them. So, you've got to save, edit and share your photos, files, and important documents. OneDrive keeps your files backed up and protected with ransomware detection and file recovery options. And for your most important files, you get a secure folder (Personal Vault) that you can only access with a second step of identity verification. So take a selfie as you like and record your sleeping pets.

Windows 11 Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is loaded with tools that will help users and families stay safe online. You'd save money as you shop and keep yourself organized and protected. Using dark web monitoring, automatic price comparison, and vertical tabs. Microsoft Edge will notify you of an emergency if your password saved in the browser matches those seen in the list of leaked credentials. It will also help you generate a strong password to keep your account secured.

PC gaming and Xbox Games

On Windows 11 you can play the latest games with immersive graphics. With DirectX 12 high frame rates and Auto HDR, you'll enjoy wider and more vivid brilliant colors. You can also play with your friends, via the cloud on console or Xbox game pass for PC. Use the Xbox app on Windows to connect and chat with friends as you browse and play PC games and tap into the heart of the Xbox community. Join millions of players ready and waiting to play together.

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The Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store, refreshed with a new design, has a wide variety of apps, shows, and movies. For your work and downtime, from casual gaming to professional editing. Behind the scenes, Windows is working with developers to bring you more content. The new Microsoft Store comes with tools like Preview and Search to help you find what you’re looking for.


Note: There are a few computer requirements to get this upgrade, including having a compatible 64-bit processor. Microsoft has created a tool at where you can see if you can upgrade to Windows 11. Not every computer will be able to run Windows 11.

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