Picharge — Our Journey.

Picharge! We're a global brand, a marque of reputable identity, and a noble voice. Our value system resonates around empathy, which induces and promotes friendly atmospheres. We are ethical, and our norm is doing what's right. We have a high sense of responsibility; hence we craft creative approaches to solve problems. Our value for quality, ensures we're dedicated to persistency and follow-up.

Picharge — The Conception.

Picharge is a vision conceived by observing the rigor people experience on a daily basis. Billions of billions of phone users were been frustrated by their Air charging cables. Regardless of how meticulous you can handle your cable; it's designed to not serve you beyond six months. Hence, we decided to change the tide of the waves. As we emerge to ease the people of this recurring headache.

We aren't just concerned about making money or profit. We wanted to make a difference, we'd love to enhance people's experience. For not at once have we been money inclined, our driving force is the customer's impact. We're passionate about offering value for money. Our belief is that customer payment goes beyond having a cable, they deserve to enjoy reliability and excellence. Since, there is more to charging a phone, as to having an enhanced charging experience.

Our Mission Statement.

Picharge launched into the market space with the plan to structure a B2B chain. That could drive a multi-faceted sales channel to wholesalers, retailers, and major players in the phone accessories market. We took out time to build a rustic platform. That'll enhance our product visibility, using a formidable e-commerce system. So it was never our plan to transact directly with end-users but the covid-19 pandemic paved way for a B2C approach.

Then, we got faced with the challenge of trust; wholesalers and retailers wanted to get cables then make payments after the mixel. Since we are a new brand on the Block, and people haven’t got to use our product really well. Hence, wholesalers and retailers backed out of the deal, as the lockdown was dealing blow on our business roadmap. And, our go-to-market plan had to revert to B2C or D2C as we sell directly to customers.

Navigating through the mix

Now, that we’re navigating through the D2C plan, it became expedient we create a stronger online presence. We strengthened awareness via social media and every reliable digital marketing platform. Via those outlets, we started having positive responses, but there was no way we could get items delivered to end-users. For, movements were restricted due to lockdown, and it was a difficult task navigating our sales.

At the earlier stage of the sales, we got faced with two main problems. That is the price of the cable and the high cost of delivery. It was obvious people were used to buying cheaper cables, even though it might not last them long. So, the pricing point generated reactions at the instance of getting launched, despite promising a 13 months’ warranty. It was as though, all the promises of making the best and reliable cable means nothing. We had marketers made similar complaints, claiming our competitors roll out their products at a much lower price.

Clearly, most end users are more concerned about price, than the quality of the product. So, we got to step up our stance to convince people that the price Is justified by the quality we offer. Sooner, we came up with consumer education. Aim at instilling in the people, the necessity to prioritize product quality to price. Perhaps it would help sensitize them on the dangers of buying items from the price point of view.

Picharge — Constructive Marketing Strategies.

Consequently, we dived into aggressive marketing via social media. We started crafting content with bold statements, stating that the use of more than one cable in 12 months. Implies they’re fake regardless of the brand. Over time, we got an edge as customers began to trust us. Because we promise to replace the cable if anything goes wrong. They opted in with the intentions of experimenting with our product, so as to ascertain those claims.

However, the strategies earned us some feats, we started gaining market shares. We soon bought our customers trust, as the sales index grew. Our challenges became the points of innovation. For, we successfully convinced potential customers, that the product is not expensive.

Likewise, we had to look for a way to hack the high cost of delivery. So, we started having outlet pickup centers with retailers at different places. This Is to ensure that customers could pick up our products from outlets regardless of their location. We hereby reduced delivery costs as we give our customers joy.

We promise them a warranty but most customers did not understand what that meant. Therefore, they didn’t believe we were sincere, with replacing the cable if anything happens to it. So, getting customers to activate their warranty has been a major challenge. For, when customers have issues with their cable they become agitated when asked about warranty. They tend to think you’re not gonna replace the cable and with impatience, they could get upset. So we had to educate customers on the warranty culture.

Crafting a Better Purchase Response.

Another interesting insight about Picharge is that customers don’t like automated structures. We observed a lot of people visiting our site added items to the cart. But never checked out, not to talk of making payment. Despite having built the e-commerce platform where transactions should be carried out. Hence, we experimented with adding a WhatsApp buyout button on the website. Surprisingly, it worked out like magic as most visitors opted for direct purchase via WhatsApp. Hence we increased our conversion rate at Picharge and had a channel that could easily be deployed to track our customers.

Customers wanted a brand they can trust. They wanted to be sure they will get value for their money. We discovered some of them had made payments for online products. But got disappointed by those brands. Therefore, they prefer to be sure they were chatting with a real human instead of chatbots.

We ensured the entire process of making a purchase was seamless for customers. At Picharge we gave them the feeling of chatting with a loved one throughout the transaction process. We created a social structure hence, so they wouldn’t have the feelings and fear of buying items online.

Picharge Compelling Sales Funnel.

However, for every customer that chat us on WhatsApp, we had their contacts saved so they can see our WhatsApp status. This ensures that customers who are contemplating whether or not to buy keep seeing our social media activities. As a result, of our persistent brand awareness, they eventually opted-in for a purchase. After about two three months, while some six months, but they definitely do come back to buy.

Another marketing strategy was getting retailers, marketers, and wholesalers into the profit margin. The warranty promise as these enabled retailers sell cables at whatever price that seems fit. For beyond selling just cable we are building a company and a structure. That gives people a whole new experience of what it means to be a customer. At Picharge, we’re customer-centered and customer inclined, so we do everything possible to ensure they’re happy always.

We were able to recruit marketers, retailers, and ambassadors. As we experimented with building a community with them by holding stand-up meetings. So we can discuss progress, challenges and receive feedback from them. As to what the end-users are saying. And we discover that the quality of Picharge cable has prompted a lot of our customers to ask for Picharge adaptors and Power Banks.

Though, we’ve had problems with personnel having to change graphic designs. As getting the right person to handle social media full customer service. But over time we’ve improved and we’re getting better doing them. Currently, we’re working on being active at clubhouse and other forums angle. We believe it will help catch peoples’ attention and inform them of what we are doing.

Switching Our Scale.

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Also, we reached out to certain influencers on social media, with plans to offer them a deal. We proposed that they get a percentage of all the sales that come through them. Unfortunately, they turned us down. Because they wanted a one-off payment which wasn't going to work for us. We had to start building our own audience authority in the tech space. Through blog articles, videos on YouTube channel, flyers broadcasting, and Instagram videos. It was a motivation that they all were really effective.

Furthermore, the other form of awareness was explored. The pasting of thousands of stickers across major cities in the countries we've pitched our tent. The stickers enhanced brand awareness since people now see stickers offline and also see our social media presence online. So, it helped in building and boosting our social media presence, brand awareness strategy, and ultimately sales.


What's Picharge's long-term business plan?

What road map are we following?

Where are we headed?

Where are we on the journey?


How are we doing performance appraisal?

  1. Part A: In 5 yrs, Picharge will be a household name in the world. #1 provider of excellent service and quality consumer electronics products.

Part B: in 5 yrs, Get 2% market share of mobile phone charger in Europe, and North-America

  1. Roadmap: Start with entry everyday product > Establish brand thru brand marketing > Excellent Service > Radical Internal Culture > Control distribution channel > Innovate thru market feedback > Release new product > Repeat Day 1
  2. #1 provider of excellent service and quality consumer electronics products
  3. We are early. But Controlling the distribution channel is the focus currently.


PiCharge Values:

  1. We are Empathetic
  2. Picharge build Friendly communities
  3. We are Ethical and do things right
  4. Picharge Take ownership and find creative ways to Resolve Issues
  5. Picharge  care about Quality in Everything
  6. We are Persistent and Follow-up


Picharge cable is fantastic,

✅Fast-Charging. - Charges to 100% in 45mins

✅Military-grade material

✅Overcharge Protection

✅13- months warranty

✅Reinforced Nickel Plated Connector