Royal Philips, a Dutch manufacturer of electronic products has recently introduced into it's line of medical products a tablet. The tablet makes use of an advanced XDS software which could be connected to multiple intellivue monitors on the same network. The intellivue system has been developed by Philips itself.

It will reduce medical personnel's exposure to infected patients likewise help save costs that would have been incurred on one-use protective gears.

The tablets take health readings through the various receptors attached, it stores them and makes them available on demand by the giving of access to medical personnels on the network.

Doctors have access to monitor patient's health readings taken by the device and are also able to make diagnosis through them. This device also affords medical personnels the opportunity to reduce idle time through easy switch from one patient to the other and in fact would help them schedule their time better.

Infected people could also help curb spread by using this device in their homes without the need to visit healthcare facilities except for emergency cases.

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