A System update app which runs on android devices was recently exposed to be a malicious software that steals phone user's data and can in fact control triggers on the device.

Zimperium, a mobile security technology company, has revealed in its blog post that an app named 'system update' which has the Google app's 'G' trademark as it's icon, can't be found on the Google Play store, but can be found on other third-party android app platforms.

The app on installation has free access to call logs, location, battery statistics, WhatsApp chats, SMS messages, browser history, clipboard data, details of other installed apps and pretty much anything on the user's phone.

it is triggered by the entrance of some new information into the device in which it stores them in an encrypted zip file which is then sent over to the command-and-control server of whoever or the group that must have created it. The remote access Trojan (RAT) is believed to be a targeted attack according to Zimperium CEO, Shridhar Mittal. 

A huge threat which it poses stands in its ability to capture the device's camera and also turn on the microphone which could be a tool for nudity scam and access to very private conversations. 

A way to get rid of apps like this is to ensure that trusted platforms are used in downloading apps. Although not absolute, but to a reasonable extent a good practice. Also an evaluation of all currently running apps will also be a way of identifying and fishing out malwares.

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