Car color-changing tech: What the future holds.

Fiction or Reality! Many are left Bewildered as BMW launches a color-changing car.

It's the sort of thing you'd expect to see in Hollywood or a Tech-driven Korean series.

However, BMW made it a reality. And it actually works in real life.

Debuting at CES 2022, the customized, fully electric BMW iX has body panels made from E Ink displays - in a system. It's called 'iX Flow'. In the virtual demonstration we were shown. The modified BMW iX was switched from white to black, and back to white. It's a convincing showing, although when white, rather than one clean color. The car has a triangular pattern on the bodywork. 

The fabled color-changing technology would indeed redefine the automotive space. And become the ultimate feat in Artificial Intelligence and smart technology.

Automakers could leverage the technology in future models. Offering car owners a new level of control and customization on the go. This kind of technology would excite single-car owners. Also, those who choose a shared car ownership model.

 Change of the current perceptions of vehicles.

For example, single-car owners might want to hang onto their current models longer. If this type of customization would be as simple as a touch of a button. Why buy a new model if it doesn’t provide any significant upgrade in features or benefits.

Consequently, manufacturers will need to come up with new innovative systems. To catch consumers’ attention and encourage repeat sales and shorter ownership lifecycles. Alternatively, automakers could set higher prices to make up for lower expected sales.

Such technological revolution will also see many changes in people’s buying decisions. Usually, potential buyers tend to consider factors such as color, price, make, and model when making their buying decision.

However, with the introduction of car color-changing technology in the equation, buyers would likely base their purchasing decisions on other significant factors. These may include the reliability of the technology used, brand name, and how innovative they perceive the company to be, to name a few.

An extension of simple vehicle color-changing technology. Is the ability to alter designs and project actual images and videos on the car’s body. Instead of merely changing the car color from red to blue. For instance, car owners could choose a particular design they like. And have their car display it where they want.

This is more closely related to the Shift wear concept. Which presents a massive opportunity for advertisers and marketers. With millions of cars on the road, each would have the ability to display virtually anything. Hence advertisers could pay car owners for advertising space.

Your Honda will not only be an everyday ride but will also earn you a few bucks while you drive down the road! Didn’t that sound good?

This new innovative Tech-development has the potential power to heighten the competition in the tech world. Other car-producing companies like Porsche, Tesla. will also want to birth the next tech invention.