Do people truely read on holidays ?

It's February break, and I am set for the flight from Glasgow to Cancun. I packed a couple of books and downloaded a few audiobooks on Amazon Audible in the hope of reading and listening to them while I was away. 

Just like most passengers, many things happen as you travel. After waking up early and making sure you are ok with check-ins, etc., the chances are high that one will fall asleep on such a long flight. 

The noise and the vibration made it almost impossible for me to concentrate while trying to read on the plane, but Audible came in handy. I finished 4 hours of an audiobook I started earlier, and I was able to power my phone using my Picharge cable to keep my Google Pixel phone up.

Since the phone is a fast-charging cable, my phone was topped up in no time, and the audiobook I finished made me feel accomplished. 

It got more difficult to read while on the beach, and with friends around, everyone wanted to chat and decide on the next activities, but going audio powered me through it all. 

When in a remote location and away from the power source, the Picharge power bank came to the rescue.

In the end, it was a great trip, and I am looking forward to finishing my books as I return to Scotland. 

I do hope that you had a great February break too and that you are preparing well for all your summer trips. 

Please don't forget your Picharge cable and power bank.